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Constantly working towards a better nourished world through responsible and sustainable sourcing of agricultural & food products and building enduring partnerships all along the supply chain. 

Established in 2008 by Founders Mr. Morisinh ,INDIA AGRO COMMODITIES, an International Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Company  having an experience of years in the field of Agricultural products.For about 15 years, we have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers and sellers throughout the world such as Asian countries, Far East, Europe Union, The US, The UAE, Gulf/Middle east, Latin /south Americas, IS Countries. We supply a wide range of products, India Origin Peanuts (Groundnut Kernels),Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nut, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Coriander, Dry Chili, Dry Ginger, Turmeric finger, Black Cumin, Cardamom, Mustard seeds ,Dill, Fennel, Chickpeas, Millet, Sorghum, Niger Seeds Wheat, Wheat Flour, Rice, Raisin, Dehydrated Onion & garlic. Vietnam Origin Cashew Nuts, Pepper(black /white), Desiccated coconut, Cassia cinnamon, Star Aniseed, Coffee.  
Africa Origin Peanuts (Groundnut Kernels), Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nut, Hibiscus Flower. 


Our Sellers are mostly located in growing regions of these products they can procure them directly from farmers or from Auction Yards and process in their facilities which leads to minimum risk in terms of Quality. Due to this reason we are competitive enough in prices also

On the buyer side we have more than 200 buyers who are in this field since years and are one of the leading Importer and distributors in their countries. Our clienteles are spread in over 50 countries in 6 continents. We have an experienced infield QA team who checks Quality and inspect cargo at suppliers’ factories and ware houses. And a professional back office team who supports shipper for pre shipment documents and buyers for post shipment documents. 

Located in Hub of Agro Products

We are based in Rajkot Region of Gujarat Province which is situated in Western Part of India. Rajkot & the surrounded area of Saurashtra are considered to be the main hub of Sesame Seed, Peanuts, Spices, Peanuts, Cotton and many other agriculture commodities. Because of this reason many new Industries are also setting up in this region. Rajkot is strategically located near the two major Sea Port of Gujarat i.e. Mundra & Pipavav which are also considered to be one of the best and fastest sea ports in India. Rajkot is just 1 hour away by Air from Mumbai & 200 Kms away by road from Ahmadabad. 

Founder & Director

India Agro Commodities is founded and Promoted by Mr. Morisinh who is also currently serving as a Director in the Company. He is having an in depth knowledge and experience in agro commodities from the ground level. His continuous effort & commitment is the reason of success of India Agro Commodities. 

Mission and Vision

While starting a company we had a clear vision to deal with honesty and our straight forward attitude offering Quality Products to Quality Clients at a best price.Our mission is that with our dedication and honesty we want to be the largest Brokerage and Indenting House in India. Our motto is “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from Visioning and focusing on what excites you”.We are an organization acting as a member of a network of actors that is focused neither On the organization nor the implementation of innovations, but on enabling other organizations to innovate.